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I've taken a few days off from posting but plan on picking it back up again in force next week. I don't have any original content for you today but I'll hook you up with a few good links.

Seattle was one of two teams to attend Montana State's pro day, where they took a look at OL Michael Person. A little bit about the 6'5, 299 lb (likely Guard) player, from his NFL Combine page:
Person is prospect from the FCS ranks with the intangibles, work-ethic and football smarts to become a backup offensive lineman. However, lacks the foot quickness and body control necessary to start or protect the blind side. While he did not allow a sack during his senior year and shows the ability to thwart the bull rush, should have problems dealing with speed rushers. Doesn't play with great pad level or blow defenders off the ball but does a good job getting into position as a run blocker. Consistently recognized for his leadership and effort in college. Person could hear his named called late on Day 3.
Person has the mentality you look for. Capable of anchoring and holding up against the bull rush. Gets off the ball, establishes good initial position, and locks on when run blocking. Takes direct routes to targets at the second level. Has good football IQ and a lot of starting experience.
Lacks bulk for the NFL. Does not possess the athleticism to stick with edge rushers. Hat and hand placement need to improve. Leans and lunges on occasion. Doesn't get much movement off the ball when run blocking. Must adjust to a steep incline in competition level from the FCS level.
A few more visits are expected/have happened:

Tony Pauline reports that the Hawks will work out Boise State (backup) QB Mike Coughlin. He didn't get much playing time in his college career behind Kellen Moore. This does not bode well - but there is precedent for this - Matt Cassel was a backup to Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart his entire college career and has had a measure of success in the NFL.

Lehigh Guard Will Rackey - The Hawks (Tom Cable according to this article) recently attended the pro day for the probable 3rd round pick. This isn't really new news, but the Hawks most definitely have interest.

More on Rackey from the NFL Combine Page:
Rackley's a small-school tackle who projects well as a guard in the NFL. He's above-average in pass protection and as a run blocker and has the mentality necessary to become a starter. Does a good job against power pass rushers but may have some difficulty against defensive linemen with great agility. Fires off the ball, wins the position battle, and is very capable moving to the second level but does not possess the leg drive to move defenders off the ball. Shows average awareness but will may need some time to adjust to the complexity of the NFL. Rackley's a Day 2 prospect.
Hampton DT Kenrick Ellis.  According to Adam Wright's twitter account, the Hawks worked out the big defensive tackle on Wednesday.  He projects as a probable 5-tech for the Hawks.  Here's what his NFL Combine Page has to say:
Ellis is an intriguing prospect who could develop into a complete starting defensive tackle capable of clogging up the middle, making plays in the backfield off penetration, and collapsing the pocket. Has a pretty rare combination of size and explosiveness. Can be disruptive with his power or quickness. Counters and the screen game can be used to beat him at times. Plays with some fire and has a solid motor. Teams will need to further investigate his dismissal from South Carolina.
Ellis is blessed with NFL-ideal height and weight at defensive tackle. Holds up really well at the point of attack and can take on the double team and eat up space inside. Does a very good job pushing the pocket with his bull rush and uses a few hand moves to get off blocks. Excellent burst for a big man.
Has character flags after being suspended and later dismissed by South Carolina. Needs to do a better job of watching his pad level at times. Can be fooled by crisp ball-handling and ball-fakes. Can be neutralized by trap blocks he fails to recognize. There are some concerns about his conditioning level.

Apparently the Hawks are not the team that has put in a first round draft pick offer for Kevin Kolb, according to Peter King.  This comes a day or two after Pete Carroll didn't deny that they were in fact the team to do so.  Of course Pete is going to be playing coy and possibly even using smokescreens at this point about which direction the Hawks will be going. At least, I hope he is, because I would love to see them use a little tact this time around so they don't have to give up an arm and a leg to get their target QB.

(Like they did last year with Whitehurst - it seems like the offer the Chargers presented to the Hawks was a pretty much their first offer, and evidently they expected some haggling... but the Hawks accepted.  "oh - geez! Yeah if you're take that offer? Sweet! (chuckle chuckle).  Actually the real quote was "We presented them a deal we thought was good for us, and we are thrilled it was accepted.” - translation - SUCKERS). Damn it just get the stupid CBA done so we can all stop speculating on the QB situation.

Ok, on to the good news: Compensatory draft picks will be announced today. Hopefully we get two or three more first rounders. That would be great. But it's most likely going to be a 4th and a 6th (or a 5th and 7th according to some). Brandon Adams breaks it down...

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