Seahawks release TE Chris Baker

Due a $500k roster bonus coming up on the league year-end, the Hawks decided to release veteran TE Chris Baker.  This is not a super surprising move; the Hawks are stacked at TE, and youngsters Cameron Morrah and Anthony McCoy have the potential to get more playing time in 2011, as I stated about a week ago in an article about the future of our Tight Ends.  

The other way to look at this is that new Offensive Line coach Tom Cable may be looking to improve their blocking TE position in the offseason and Baker didn't figure into his plans.  There have been rumors that the Hawks may pursue Daniel Graham, who was just released by the Broncos.  Cable and Graham go way back and Graham has a reputation as a solid veteran blocking Tight End.  Seattle could be a logical landing place for a player like Graham, as the Hawks are looking to improve their pass protection and run blocking in the coming season and may look to reunite with Cable.

I think overall that it's a good move to release Baker.  Seattle has great depth at the position and players with higher potential ceilings like McCoy and Morrah will get a chance to play more next season.  I look forward to it.

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