I've Moved

For those of you that follow this blog: you should now check in regularly at FieldGulls.com because I will now be leading a team of really great writers over there. I figure I can reach a larger audience and get better support from SBNation than I could get doing everything myself here. Hope to see you over there and make sure and contribute and comment as much as you want, I welcome discussion on everything.

Also, I've taken over the twitter handle Fieldgulls so check me out on the twitterverse.


  1. Dear Dan:

    What is your email address? I was hoping to send you a private inquiry.


  2. I love field gulls but damn (I think you're doing a great job over there by the way). Some of the guys who comment you're dilluting the site with content are ridiculous! Some of them are just nitpicky retards! Keep up the good work. Most of us love it!