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In case you haven't see it yet, the NFL has proposed rule changes meant to diminish injuries to players on what is the most injury inducing play in the league, kickoffs. These rule changes propose that the kickoff line be moved to the 35 yard line (instead of the 30) so there will be more touchbacks and theoretically less room to get a running start for the return man. Obviously, with the Seahawks ranked so highly in special teams, I'm against these rule changes. Leon Washington proved to be the man on kickoff returns and proved himself invaluable in the field position game. If the changes are enacted, it could potentially be detrimental to the Hawks.

For an idea of the type of change you're looking at, in 1993, the last year that kickoffs were taken from the 35 yard line, there were 57 kickoff returns of 40+ yards and 4 touchdown returns. In 1992, there were 6 return TDs. In 2010, Leon Washington had 3 himself (and should have been 4 except for a early celebration), and there were 113 40+ yard returns and 23 touchdowns. Player safety would most likely be improved though so it may be enacted. Personally, I'm not against player safety, but it seems like it would make kickoffs very dull. Check out the links above for a more in-depth look at the rule changes and their potential ramifications.

Kevin Kolb might be on the move, and Andy Reid has stated that he'll be listening to offers during the offseason. Check out a couple of stories from NFL.com on a potential trade for Kolb - one that looks at the risk involved and one that looks at potential suitors and the odds it will happen.

Speaking of quarterback acquisitions, I guess it has recently come out that the Hawks originally wanted to trade for then-Buffalo QB Trent Edwards before getting rebuffed and instead traded for Charlie Whitehurst. Not that it really matters now, but it kind of makes you wonder about Whitehurst considering he was a backup option to a guy that got released from the Bills after two games in 2010.  After he was released, it was again rumored the Hawks may try to pick him up but he was claimed by the Jaguars instead.  The Hawks instead settled on another former Bill as their third-stringer, JP Losman.

Brady Henderson of 710ESPN Seattle takes a look at Georgia C Clint Boling, a potential target for the Hawks in round 2 of the draft.

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