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By now a lot of you have probably already seen this, but Randy Moss mentioned that he'd like to go back and play for the Patriots,... but also would play for the Browns or the Seahawks, if they'd have him. Some people saw this as a slight - like saying, "shoot, I'd even play for the lowly Seahawks or Browns." I'm inclined to just think that he throwing out teams randomly. There's a chance the leadership/coaching of those teams have some draw to him- and I kind of doubt that he was saying it as an insult. (Maybe he liked Darrell Bevell when he was briefly with Minnesota?) I'm not really sure how I feel about this - but I'm wary of adding a guy like Moss and risk negatively affecting the locker room. He is a talent for sure, but if teams like Minnesota or Tennessee couldn't use him at all, I doubt the Hawks could either. My guess is he'll end up with the Pats again.

Since I've lobbied a bit for the Carson Palmer trade, here are a few more links related to the situation that might catch you up a bit on the status of it all and give you more insight into Palmer as a player.

-Clark Judge's opinion is that Mike Brown will not trade Palmer, no matter what. Palmer will have to retire. Essentially, it's up to Marvin Lewis, the Bengals' head coach, to convince Brown otherwise.

-Jordan Palmer, on his brother Carson's toughness:
Carson had several deals going on and not that he - not just because he's my brother but he's probably the toughest player I've every played with and not just in the injuries he plays with but he doesn't say anything to anybody. So I was one of the only guys who really knew all the different things he had going on with his body and yeah, there was a couple games where I took every rep in practice and I'm thinking Saturday morning I'm going to start. The Saturday goes on and he starts feeling better and ends up suiting up and going on...There was a week when we were playing the Jets, we played on a Sunday then we had a Thursday Thanksgiving game. Very quick week, very difficult defense to prepare for. I went into that game really thinking I was going to start.
-Marshall Faulk and Rich Eisen talk about Carson Palmer's situation on NFL Total Access. Marshall Faulk believes Seattle would be a great fit for Palmer, saying, "Carson Palmer, in the NFC West, with his old coach, Pete Carroll: what merger between these two guys. Listen, if you saw what he did with Mike Williams and how Mike Williams played for Pete Carroll, just imagine what a guy who won the Heisman under Pete Carroll would do there."

Finally, as you may or may not know, I believe that the Seahawks need to sign or draft a true fullback to help with their running game this season. I'm not the only one - here's what QB Matt Hasselbeck said after the Hawks beat the Panthers in week 13, where Michael Robinson played a big role:
No one wanted to say it, but (if) you don’t have a fullback on your roster, it makes it a little harder, especially in short yardage and goal-line situations, having (Robinson) back is huge. I think it definitely showed up last week.
I'm not going to say that's insubordination, but the writing is on the wall - the Hawks didn't do themselves any favors by neglecting to have any true fullbacks on the roster for the majority of the season and Hass knew it. The standout fullback in this year's draft class could be Stanford's Owen Marecic. Check out a good profile courtesy of Bigblueview.com.  Marecic is an old-school football player - just a blue collar, do everything for you type of guy and would be a good pickup for the Hawks in the middle rounds if he lasts that long.  Of course, I highly doubt the Hawks will pick up a fullback in the draft, but a guy can dream right? I think it's an important piece of the puzzle that the Hawks will need to pick up in the offseason.

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