Grading the Hawks' 2010 Draft: Round 6

Round 6, Pick 16 (#185 Overall):

Anthony McCoy.

In the sixth round, the Hawks picked TE Anthony McCoy.  The 6'5, 260lb USC product came at a bargain in the sixth round and I think he could be a major steal.  Originally given a second or third round grade by most draft scouts, he fell because he failed a drug test just prior to the Combine, testing positive for marijuana. This isn't a big deal to me, it shows lack of judgment, sure, but really, it could be worse.

So the guy smoked some weed.  We got him in the sixth round instead of the second.  Sweet, as far as I'm concerned.  As far as Pete's concerned, I think we're on the same page.  No big deal, according to Matt Taibbi (seriously, pretty funny).  Of all the guys that the Hawks took in this draft, I feel like McCoy gets overlooked and sort of forgotten the most.  He did miss a large part of the season on the IR (knee), but I really like his potential.

If you don't know much about him, or haven't taken the time to do a little research, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Watching some game highlights of this guy will get you jacked up.  I won't make you wait, watch this vid:

Alright, so I know it's a highlight video. Typically, in highlight videos, the subject's talents are showcased and not their deficiencies.  But still, dang.  First of all, it looks like McCoy plays mad, evidenced by the sick forearm shiver he administers to that poor corner.  I love this.  I want the Hawks to be more like this.  The Steelers (yeah I know, I shouldn't even talk about them) have this going for them; the Ravens have this going for them.  The intimidation factor.  Does anyone fear the Hawks?  Well,... not yet. Get more guys out there that will do that to a poor corner and maybe people will start respectin'.

Also, I like the way he fights for a reception, can make the catch in a crowd, out muscles his opponents for possession, can go up and get it at it's highest point and seems to catch with his hands.  He is a beast to bring down.  He runs pretty well (4.7 40).

The NFL.com Combine page has these accolades for him:
Possesses good size. Has soft hands and good body control. Runs efficient routes and can separate against man coverage. Has enough speed to stretch the field. Solid blocker with good technique. Hard worker that fights for extra yards.
Call me an eternal optimist, but I am excited about McCoy. He has been praised for being an excellent blocking tight end. Chris Baker, our current blocking TE, fractured his hip at the end of the season, isn't getting any younger and is only under contract for another year, meaning McCoy could be the heir apparent.  Some scouts had him rated as one of the better blocking tight ends in the draft last year.  CBS Sports Draft profile had this to say about his blocking:
Blocking: His most impressive skill. Provides a good initial pop as a run blocker and works to sustain his blocks. Long arms and stout frame make him a legitimate presence as a blocker in the running game. Takes his role as a blocker seriously and provides almost a second offensive tackle on some occasions. Hustles downfield to make the extra block. Good lateral agility and upper-body strength to hold up in pass protection.
The TE spot could turn into a really formidable weapon for the Hawks. Imagine the headache that a two TE set consisting of Jon Carlson and Anthony McCoy would create for defensive backs and linebackers (not to mention the burgeoning skillset of the underrated Cameron Morrah). McCoy brings the hard nosed blocking specialist type of TE to the table to complement Carlson's steady, versatile pass catching type of TE. Both can block, both can catch. It will be interesting to see what Tom Cable can bring to the table coaching up these guys this year as well.

If you want to watch him score a TD in the preseason on a pass from Clipboard Jesus, click here.

Overall, I like the pick, again from the standpoint that he's got a high ceiling and they got him at a bargain basement price. A good pick by Schneider and Carroll.



  1. Found your blog through Addicts. I surf the Seahawks Blogs daily if not hourly and sometimes post a comment. I hold the same opinion on McCoy as you. I was ready to purchase his jersey when drafted. This guy has alot of upside. Great 6th Round Pick up! I asked myself all season long where is he? What injury did he get?

  2. McCoy hurt his knee last year against the Cardinals when a lineman fell on it during a play where he was involved in tackling a defensive player that had made an interception.

    I am pumped about him though. Could be a real beast if he can avoid injuries.